Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tchaikovsky's Birthday!

Today marks one of my very favorite composers birthday! 
Tchaikovsky would have turned 175 years... He composed some of the most beautiful ballets, but he lived a tormented life. 
He was sent to boarding school at a young age, and he missed his mother so dearly, and her untimely death affected him through the rest of his life! 
He had to hide a secret all his life, he got married to please his family, and to please his society but he could not live in that lie, and separated from his wife after 6 weeks (yes weeks!) but never got a real divorce! 
He had a patron that he confined in and sent letters to regularly, but he never met her as that was her wish! 
He lived in that conflict all his life.. yet left us with the most beautiful pieces ever composed!

The very first duet I learned to play on the piano accompanying my sister was Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Ballet! ( I still remember all the notes and sing the in my head whenever I hear it!) 

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