Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Time Theory of music wokrsheets

I know this should have probably been posted earlier in Spring :) .. But I have been working for a while on this.. I have hand written scribbles that I use to teach Theory and they gave me inspiration for some of the worksheets I created for this product.

Included in here are the following worksheets

•Color by musical symbols (The symbols include Sharp, flat, natural, treble clef, bass clef and repeat sign) 

•Shake the notes (Treble clef notes from middle C to upper C) 

•Shake the note (Bass clef notes from middle C to lower C) 

•Follow the path of treble clef notes 

•Follow the path of bass clef notes 

•Note values and counting the beats flower 

•A note before and a note after 

•Time name of notes and their values icecreams (British and American)

•Time names of rests and their values ice creams (British and American)

•Treble clef notes recognition 

•Bass clef note recognition 

•Arrange the dynamics 

•Arrange the notes 

•Arrange the rests

•Note surprise( write note in between) 

•Notes equal rests 

•Melodic or harmonic intervals 

•Musical math with notes 

•Musical math with notes and rests 

•One up one down in treble clef 

•One up one down in bass clef 

•Time signature cupcakes 

•Add barlines 

•Add in appropriate rests 

•Counting notes 

•How long are the notes with a flap book 

•Tonic triads 

•Tone and semi tones ( whole step and half step) muffins

•Tone and semi tones( whole step and half step ) find the notes 

•Once in treble and once in bass 

This is a classic question, but I tried to make it more engaging for the students... They will have to cut out the rests and glue them where appropriate!

This is my personal favorite, here instead of drawing the notes value tree, students can use this flap book for this question.

This one is to recognize the tone and semi tone (or whole step and half step) (both terms are included)

I hope you and your students will love using them!

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