Saturday, April 18, 2015

MineCraft themed music worksheets

My son (like every other 9 year old boy) is a big fan of games! He wanted to be a Pizza maker when he grows up, but recently he has turned to a more professional career and wants to be a Game maker :)
He is the one who originally gave me the idea of making MineCraft worksheets and sat with me telling me all about the creeper and enderman and the sheep and how you tame wild animals... etc

If anyone of you has students into MineCraft you can try out this Freebie I made a while back...
Here is my son, solving a minecraft theme worksheet, he wasn't too happy because he had to leave his Roblox game and pose for the pictures :D

Here you will find the full version if you are interested in it, it has 35 worksheets. 

 This one is a mine craft mystery picture pack, it is so much fun especially because the students don't know what they will get when they color it in!

Happy playing everyone! Please leave a comment if you download the Freebie...