Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Learning musical note (the fun way)

I first started to learn musical notes as part of a choir in school, where we had to sight sing the notes... that was years before I started to take piano lessons. Thus when the time came to learn the piano, it was very easy to just start playing.  

I made these worksheets for the very young beginners to learn the notes. You can check out this Freebie to see how the actual worksheets are. 

 Treble Clef Notes- Play, Spot and Wear Freebie

What the students will learn is the following:  

1- Play it three times: As you introduce the note C, you teach your students where it is written and where it is on the piano or recorder. each time they play it the color in a smiley! 

2- Write it: Students learn on which line or space this note should be. 

3- Circle it:  Students are asked to circle the note they are learning, so they can differentiate it among other notes. 

4- Paste it: To teach fine motor skills, they can cut the treble clef and the note and paste them in the correct place. 

5- Spot it: Your students will learn to recognize where the note is on the piano or recorder and they have to mark the spot with a circle or a dot or a small sticker (whatever works for you) 

6- Wear it: I just love the idea of the sight word watches so I thought it would be wonderful to make it for the piano, and my students love using them!

This is my daughter Malika wearing her watch :)  

If you like this freebie, you can buy the full packs here

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