Saturday, April 11, 2015

Freebie - The Great Composers lapbook series - Chopin

Since I was young, I have been fascinated unknowingly with what is known today as interactive notebooks..
Life was much simpler in that millennium, I used to have a notebook on each page I wrote a question (such as who is your favorite band? and what do you want to be when you grow up? etc.) and then you would give it to one of your friends and they had to answer all the questions and give it back to you the next day.. I used to love it...

When a few years ago I found out about Lapbooks I was almost as happy as that 12 year old... and to fulfill my second passion (The great composers and their lives) I started to make the composer Lapbooks...

I posted this freebie of Chopin a while back, this is how the cover of the lapbook looks like. The link will also take you to my TPT store where you can download it. You have to register though, but it takes 20 seconds.. and it is free...

 Chopin Free Lapbook

This lapbook contains the following:

1- Quote, inside there is a puzzle about the composer
2- Composer's era, inside a puzzle about the Romantic era
3- Composer's country, inside a puzzle about the country.
4- Fun Fact about the Composer, inside a puzzle about his family.

5- Flapbook with a quiz inside about the composer

6- Composer cards ( life, country,era, family)
7- Composition cards (most famous compositions of the composer listed in their categories and small explanations of the different categories)

8- My Chopin Repertoire (it also contains a guided listening journal inside)

This is the inside of the flapbook 

This is one side of the composer cards ( you have to laminate these for durability) 

The other side of those cards 

 These are the composition cards.. this side just states the categories and their meanings... 

and on the other side there are the main compositions ( but I can't find the pic now!)

Hope you  will like it and use it for your students ... and get excited about it as much as I did with my notebook... which my two answers were NKOTB and a private detective (Thanks to Hunter and Macgyver) ;)

and if you do like it ... some comments would mean a lot to me!

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