Saturday, April 25, 2015

Note Value falp-book

This Note Value Tree was my best friend during music exams, as it was the key to solving all the rhythm and note value related questions.... 

I made this flap-book to replace that tree ( or at least to do what it does in terms of teaching students the values of notes) 

This is the cute cover, you also have the ink friendly version and your students will just color it in.

This is a peak to the inside of the flap-book, you can print it out on colored paper.

As mentioned on the description there are 4 versions where you can either print out the one that has already all the notes and their values on. Or you can just choose what you want your students to fill in. 

I hope your students will enjoy flip flapping through their books! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Itsy Bitsy Spider Music Book (Incy Wincy Spider)

Nursery Rhymes are lyrics to songs that have survived the test of time! Some reflect events in history (that might be a bit creepy)... Nevertheless Nursery Rhymes are very appealing to children and they love to sing them and play them on the piano.

In this document you will find:

Sheet music for 
The recorder 
Five finger position arrangement for the piano 
Very easy arrangement for 2 hands piano with chords in the left hand

2 Mini books with the above arrangements
One for the recorder 
One for the Piano 

2 Theory of music worksheet 

Hope your students will enjoy playing the pieces and solving the worksheets! 

Happy teaching and playing everyone! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2 Worksheets that turn into a mother's day card!

Mother's day is a great time for kids to get crafty! They spend hours at school, preparing hand made cards for their mothers, who may or may not actually prefer to get real gifts for a change :p

This mother's day card is for all the music teachers who want to take part in the celebrations! It can be found in my TPT store.

You only need to print out two papers: 

#1 is color by Rest Value's worksheet 
#2 is Mystery Picture worksheet (to be colored by note values)

With a glue stick you will stick both sheets and fold them in half to make a card... and your students will write their names under the special musical message for their moms. 

Hope  kids will enjoy making them and  mothers will appreciate them :) 
Happy playing and teaching everyone! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

MineCraft themed music worksheets

My son (like every other 9 year old boy) is a big fan of games! He wanted to be a Pizza maker when he grows up, but recently he has turned to a more professional career and wants to be a Game maker :)
He is the one who originally gave me the idea of making MineCraft worksheets and sat with me telling me all about the creeper and enderman and the sheep and how you tame wild animals... etc

If anyone of you has students into MineCraft you can try out this Freebie I made a while back...
Here is my son, solving a minecraft theme worksheet, he wasn't too happy because he had to leave his Roblox game and pose for the pictures :D

Here you will find the full version if you are interested in it, it has 35 worksheets. 

 This one is a mine craft mystery picture pack, it is so much fun especially because the students don't know what they will get when they color it in!

Happy playing everyone! Please leave a comment if you download the Freebie... 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Learning musical note (the fun way)

I first started to learn musical notes as part of a choir in school, where we had to sight sing the notes... that was years before I started to take piano lessons. Thus when the time came to learn the piano, it was very easy to just start playing.  

I made these worksheets for the very young beginners to learn the notes. You can check out this Freebie to see how the actual worksheets are. 

 Treble Clef Notes- Play, Spot and Wear Freebie

What the students will learn is the following:  

1- Play it three times: As you introduce the note C, you teach your students where it is written and where it is on the piano or recorder. each time they play it the color in a smiley! 

2- Write it: Students learn on which line or space this note should be. 

3- Circle it:  Students are asked to circle the note they are learning, so they can differentiate it among other notes. 

4- Paste it: To teach fine motor skills, they can cut the treble clef and the note and paste them in the correct place. 

5- Spot it: Your students will learn to recognize where the note is on the piano or recorder and they have to mark the spot with a circle or a dot or a small sticker (whatever works for you) 

6- Wear it: I just love the idea of the sight word watches so I thought it would be wonderful to make it for the piano, and my students love using them!

This is my daughter Malika wearing her watch :)  

If you like this freebie, you can buy the full packs here

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Freebie - The Great Composers lapbook series - Chopin

Since I was young, I have been fascinated unknowingly with what is known today as interactive notebooks..
Life was much simpler in that millennium, I used to have a notebook on each page I wrote a question (such as who is your favorite band? and what do you want to be when you grow up? etc.) and then you would give it to one of your friends and they had to answer all the questions and give it back to you the next day.. I used to love it...

When a few years ago I found out about Lapbooks I was almost as happy as that 12 year old... and to fulfill my second passion (The great composers and their lives) I started to make the composer Lapbooks...

I posted this freebie of Chopin a while back, this is how the cover of the lapbook looks like. The link will also take you to my TPT store where you can download it. You have to register though, but it takes 20 seconds.. and it is free...

 Chopin Free Lapbook

This lapbook contains the following:

1- Quote, inside there is a puzzle about the composer
2- Composer's era, inside a puzzle about the Romantic era
3- Composer's country, inside a puzzle about the country.
4- Fun Fact about the Composer, inside a puzzle about his family.

5- Flapbook with a quiz inside about the composer

6- Composer cards ( life, country,era, family)
7- Composition cards (most famous compositions of the composer listed in their categories and small explanations of the different categories)

8- My Chopin Repertoire (it also contains a guided listening journal inside)

This is the inside of the flapbook 

This is one side of the composer cards ( you have to laminate these for durability) 

The other side of those cards 

 These are the composition cards.. this side just states the categories and their meanings... 

and on the other side there are the main compositions ( but I can't find the pic now!)

Hope you  will like it and use it for your students ... and get excited about it as much as I did with my notebook... which my two answers were NKOTB and a private detective (Thanks to Hunter and Macgyver) ;)

and if you do like it ... some comments would mean a lot to me!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Time Theory of music wokrsheets

I know this should have probably been posted earlier in Spring :) .. But I have been working for a while on this.. I have hand written scribbles that I use to teach Theory and they gave me inspiration for some of the worksheets I created for this product.

Included in here are the following worksheets

•Color by musical symbols (The symbols include Sharp, flat, natural, treble clef, bass clef and repeat sign) 

•Shake the notes (Treble clef notes from middle C to upper C) 

•Shake the note (Bass clef notes from middle C to lower C) 

•Follow the path of treble clef notes 

•Follow the path of bass clef notes 

•Note values and counting the beats flower 

•A note before and a note after 

•Time name of notes and their values icecreams (British and American)

•Time names of rests and their values ice creams (British and American)

•Treble clef notes recognition 

•Bass clef note recognition 

•Arrange the dynamics 

•Arrange the notes 

•Arrange the rests

•Note surprise( write note in between) 

•Notes equal rests 

•Melodic or harmonic intervals 

•Musical math with notes 

•Musical math with notes and rests 

•One up one down in treble clef 

•One up one down in bass clef 

•Time signature cupcakes 

•Add barlines 

•Add in appropriate rests 

•Counting notes 

•How long are the notes with a flap book 

•Tonic triads 

•Tone and semi tones ( whole step and half step) muffins

•Tone and semi tones( whole step and half step ) find the notes 

•Once in treble and once in bass 

This is a classic question, but I tried to make it more engaging for the students... They will have to cut out the rests and glue them where appropriate!

This is my personal favorite, here instead of drawing the notes value tree, students can use this flap book for this question.

This one is to recognize the tone and semi tone (or whole step and half step) (both terms are included)

I hope you and your students will love using them!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April's Currently

So what better way is there to start your first blog post than with a currently from

I am hooked on this tidy up rhumba, motivational even for me!

shake it shake it stop... Shake it shake it drop! 
you will be happy when things are all tidy and clean!

So I've been thinking about Milana's first birthday party, and collecting ideas on pinterest.. 

It feels like yesterday when I made these candy-licious birth announcements for her!
My lovely sister in law sent me a pic of one in her office!

Let me tell you what I really really want.... I want those great Golden polka dot wall decals I keep seeing everywhere.. look at the picture tell me you don't want them too!?!

And now I'm off to Farley's to add my link!