Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Currently February!

I am linking up with Farley and her fun currently!

Here it goes..... 

Having a big family means having many birthday! and I love birthdays! We celebrated last month my husband's big 40th and I was so proud of the things I made I took this half selfie!  Check out that maltesers cake with golden spray (Thank you pinterest!) 

Then yesterday it was my eldest daughter's 14th birthday! (they grow up so fast ;) ) 

So basically we are needing a reason to listen to that cool it's my birthday song by will.i.am! with a birthday or without! 

Now for golden zigzags well I just can;t get enough of them...  this is my notebook placed conveniently in this (not so staged photo) near a coffee mug and heartshaped plate with lazy cake inside hehehe

Now for the Turkish series... I have been binge watching some dubbed or subtitled Turkish series lately and Boy am I hooked! The latest one only gets into youtube every week on Thursdays! So it's one of those things i look forward to during my week :)

 Those Turkish series are filmed in the most lavish houses, and after watching the show I come back to the reality of my modest house and think good God I need to repaint the walls and style them!

And now for my needs ... well after living for 12 years in sunny Dubai and living 10 minutes away from the fanciest public beach on earth .. I moved to Cold England! don't get me wrong there are so many things to love here... but I waited for the summer to come from June through September but I think it skipped England last year... hopefully in 2016 Summer wont forget us!

picture above is Dubai all year round.. and Picture below is England all year round lol 

and well for my swooning ... I swoon a nice house with great interior ... in the middle of the woods with a big swimming pool ... (wait am I describing the Turkish house!) ;) 

Well that's it for my February... if you need free cute valentine's day cards... please check out my store for these